Trade & Conditions

All photos are provided by applicable copyright law. Under the Copyright Act the copyright of the supplied footage alone Copyright shall not be subject to trade, only the right to publish material supplied.

Delivered matriale can not be transferred to a third person without written permission.

All amounts are exclusive. costs associated with recording or repatriation of pictures, model fees, props, transportation, shipping, postage, and meals while tasks over 4 hours etc.
Provided images may be used only for the intended purpose, and payment is only valid for one-time reproduction. The illustrations may not be sold, loaned or otherwise transferred.
Digital reclamation of images for example. on the Internet may be made only by written agreement with the photographer.

If images are given / sold  or used/eg assigned to a third person further without permission, the sender is subject to a fine of approx. 500 Euros per picture or amount agreed in the Spanish court. as well as the user of the prohibited images will be prosecuted, with the same requirements.

All photos are provided by applicable copyright law.
Buyer accepts full responsibility for misleading and defamatory texts relating to the publication.
Commercial use of this image is for the buyer to secure the necessary permission from the depicted persons. By publishing a picture where another author’s work included, the buyer is responsible for any financial claims from this.
The images may not be subjected to flattening, electronic manipulation, etc. without the photographer’s written permission.
The publication must photographer’s name indicated, eg. “Photo: /”. By deleting the name of the photographer is charged a minimum of 100% on top of the already total pcs. image price. + a fine at 500 Euros
Purchaser must notify the photographer not all agreed Applications Framework within 30 days from the date of publication. Otherwise charged a 100% surcharge on top of the already total pcs. image price.
Payment Terms: Cash. When paying later than 8 days from date of invoice subject to 1.5% interest per. month, as of the date of invoice. In addition to the fees pursuant to the rate law.

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We provide various photo services, We provide photos and video very high quality.

What can you expect. / What we expect .:

When we do still photography, we have devoted 30 minutes to the task with 20 images, as we expect that we should photograph is prepared

We appreciate being on time. Therefore, we have time on any task.
It is important that the time will be respected, otherwise we may not occur in time to the next customer, it could be you.!!

Description of tasks

Still photo .:
photographers have been in our own school to learn about home photography, architecture, angles and what future house owners are looking for. So they are best at finding the right angles on each property.

Lifestyle Images.:
We try to capture the “spirit” of the house, the pictures are mainly close up

We produce high quality videos,
A video showcasing on facebook gives you more customers.
Typically playing time 1.5 minutes or 2.5 minutes

Panorama 720 degrees.:
We make usually a series of panorama from
Living room, kitchen, bath, bedroom, outdoor

Panorama 720 degrees from 7 meters high.:
We do usually 2 panorama from each side of the house.
These provide an excellent overview of the surroundings

Virtual staging.:
If you have an empty house and would like to showcase it with furniture so it is virtual staging you need.
Incl. 1 change if there would be a need for it

Floor plans.:
We make precise floorplans, supplied in color or b / w your choice

Location Photo and Video.:
You select an address / place we photograph or make a video.
images / video recorded in walking distance. see e.g.



Text and music are not included in the price.